About Dr. McGuire

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In my years of working with women, one of the most common things I hear them say is, “I’m just so tired.” If you are like most women, there have been times when you have felt overworked and overwhelmed by life’s expectations. With important roles at work, at home, and in your community you’re keeping up with a lot! And learning to balance it all (while staying healthy and happy) can be a real challenge. Talking with someone who will really listen, getting support, and finding guidance for trying out other approaches can make a HUGE difference.

I feel so honored to be invited, again and again, to work with overwhelmed women and the people who care about them enough to want their lives to be better. I have developed a balanced approach to therapy that both supports my clients in their struggles and pushes them toward their goals. Clients who once felt discouraged, frustrated, exhausted, or afraid find themselves feeling empowered, energized, and eager to make positive changes in their lives. I believe everyone is capable of having a life that is meaningful and enjoyable, and I am committed to working with clients as they discover and develop the personal strengths that will get them there. If it sounds like work, it is. But, as so many clients have found, the reward is well worth the effort!


  • Psychologist, MO #2016013712


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Counseling Psychology, Texas Tech University (2013)
  • Master of Arts, Psychology, Texas Tech University (2010)
  • Bachelor of Science, Pittsburg State University (2006)