Therapy Groups

Sometimes when you’re struggling, what you really need is to hear new perspectives and get support from others who are struggling, too. Therapy groups include a variety of experiences ranging from support groups organized around a particular topic to groups aimed at understanding and improving patterns of interacting with others. Dr. McGuire is interested in hearing from you if you have ideas about a therapy group that could be of benefit to you. Groups currently recruiting new members include:

Knowing Me, Knowing You

A group for getting new understanding of your own approach to relationships and the impact of that approach on yourself and those around you. Examples of people who often benefit include those who frequently wonder about what others think of them, feel nervous about forming and/or maintaining relationships, have trouble getting along with others, or are unsure about how to successfully manage interactions with other people.

Grief and Loss

A group for those struggling after the death of a loved one. The loss of someone significant in our lives, whether recently or in the more distant past, can make it very difficult to feel or function normally. This group will explore reactions to loss, offer support from others experiencing grief of their own, and include exercises and discussions intended to facilitate grief recovery.


A group where soon-to-be mothers can talk about and get support for their hopes, fears, and other feelings related to pregnancy and/or infant adoption


A safe place for mothers and/or fathers to talk about the joys and challenges of raising children, from infancy to adulthood.