McGuire Psychological, LLC is an out-of-network therapy practice, meaning they do not file directly with insurance networks for payments. Many insurance companies offer out-of-network benefits for their subscribers, with eligibility and reimbursement rates differing across companies. For those wishing to use insurance benefits for counseling, Dr. McGuire can provide you with the information needed to file for an out-of-network reimbursement of expenses from your insurance company. With the current increase in high-deductible insurance plans, for many the cost of most health care services will be largely out-of-pocket and clients choose to increase the privacy and flexibility of services by paying for services without seeking insurance reimbursement. The decision of choosing a health care provider, including financial considerations, is an important and very personal one. Dr. McGuire is happy to speak with you about the benefits and consequences of insurance filing if you are unsure about the best option for you.

Full payment for services is expected at the time services are received. Accepted forms of payment include cash, personal check, and most major credit cards.

Standard fees for services:

  • Initial interview (50-60 minutes)          $ 75.00 (includes brief telephone screening)
  • Follow-up sessions (50-60 minutes)   $ 60.00
  • Group therapy (60-90 minutes)            $ 25.00 – 35.00 per member
  • Workshops/Presentations                     As arranged in advance